Region: South East Asia
Continent: Asia
Capital: Hanoi (urban area: 7 million inhabitants)
Area: 341,690 km²
Population: 90.5 million inhabitants
Currency: Vietnamese Dong (VND)
Languages: Vietnamese (official language) and various ethnic minority languages
Religion: Buddhism (75%), Catholicism (7%), Cao Dai (2%), Hoa Hao Buddhist sect (syncretic cult with strong presence in the South of Vietnam 2%), Protestantism (0.75%, mainly in the highlands of the central region) and Islam (0.1%)
Time Zone: UTC / GMT + 7 hours

Vietnam is a country of diversity and very distinctive experiences. It is a land of rugged mountains, lush forests, dense jungles and verdant rice paddies, with unspoiled beaches, bicycle thronged cities and peaceful, rustic villages. Astonishing exotic and absolutely compelling, Vietnam surprises around every corner. From the urban buzz to gracefully decaying colonial relics, Vietnam is a land of many personalities. It is said that every day is an odyssey in this land of the dragon people.