Asia Kalling : Crafting Amazing Travel Experiences for an Amazing You.

Crafting Amazing Travel Experiences for an Amazing You.

Asia Kalling, your Asia Travel Planner! Custom Travel and Small Group Trips to Asia

You are special. And so, your life needs to be special too. And when it comes to a lifetime experience of holiday travels, it’s all about making each and every┬ámoment gorgeous. Asia Kalling is simply all about that.

We, at Asia Kalling, believe that life is beautiful; but it's more about the journey one takes. Hence, we exist here to make such beautiful journeys;the journeys in the most exotic places around in Asia, just for you. With our in-depth knowledge and experience in the field, we make sure that you do not just travel, but experience the awe-inspiring taste of your holidays, bursting through the flavours of a true enigma, called Asia.

We craft our own stories.These bunches of stories will jot down in your memory lane. Rejoicing those moments fulfils life.Local knowledge and experience makes most of your time fruitful.

Asia Kalling provides you the best value travel experience. We design and craft our packages in such a way that they help you realize your experiences to form these amazing stories, that you will cherish for the lifetime. We make sure that you do not miss real and authentic delights of Asia. We create customized holidays for travellers like you, for an unforgettable experience, because we know, you are special.

We know that your desired holidays come rarely. The chances of happening are next to none.Your travel journey is a mixture of your perfect experiences. This is where we come into picture. We help you create your customized trip in Asia to be smooth and amusing.We have selected the best range of travel voyage through which you'll be able to fulfil your most sought after desires, from mountaineering to photography to architectural locations to artistic creations that specifically focuses on your interest.

Currently, we cater to some of the most exotic destinations in Asia - India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Tibet.

India: A country where everything is grand, colourful and culturally rich.

Nepal: A spiritually gifted country with soul enriching locations, captivating mountains and the birth place of Lord Buddha.

Bhutan: The happiest country in Asia, with magnificent monastery and hills

Sri Lanka: A mesmerizing island surrounded with endless seas, lovely cup of teas and flavours that tingle your taste buds.

Tibet: A humble place but full of magnificent monasteries and spectacular mountain views.